Digital copywriting

When I write website copy, social media posts or customer emails, I’m always conscious of your readers’ time. It’s limited. So the least I can do is deliver the information they’re looking for, clearly and succinctly. I’m there to simplify the complicated. Do the hard work for them so they can be informed, persuaded or entertained without hesitation, repetition or deviation.

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Web copy

I work with clients and agencies to get to the real heart of the message – what it is we’re trying to say and why your readers should care. Like a sherpa, I prepare the route for your visitors to follow – hacking through waffle and laying out a clear path to get them from A to B.

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Social media copy

Social media has its own challenges. Here my job is to begin or steer a conversation with your consumers. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Live Chat, I have to find the sweet spot where messages are clearly on-brand while maintaining a natural, conversational voice.

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Email copy

When it comes to emails, less is most definitely more. Your customers’ inboxes are undoubtedly crowded so only the most intriguing, compelling and attention-grabbing words will stand out. The secret to effective email writing is editing. If it doesn’t deliver value, it has to go.

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